• If you would like to include our courses in your Erasmus+ KA1 application you can complete this registration form
  • We will send further application guidance to help you complete your application.
  • Decide which courses, dates and locations your would like to apply for, or we can tailor-make a course exclusively for your organisation.  Proposed dates are published on the course pages.
  • Project applications must be submitted by your organization directly to the national agency responsible for Erasmus+ in your country.  Next deadline: 23 February 2023 at 12:00 (midday Brussels time)
  • When the national agency has approved your project you can contact us to confirm your course places.

How to Apply (in detail)

  1. Choose a course (or combine multiple courses into a single application): Courses Available (On the course pages you can find the detailed course descriptions, learning objectives, proposed dates and preliminary programmes.)
  2. Applications must be made by an organisation (individuals can no longer apply) so you should discuss this and get permission to apply from the Head / Director of your school / organisation.
  3. The application is not specific to named individuals, you can decide who will attend after the application has been approved.
  4. Organisations can apply for multiple places on the same course or spread the places over several course dates in different locations
  5. The project, and all course places, can be over one or two years.
  6. You can apply for a small amount of teachers or the whole teaching staff.
  7. Complete this registration form
  8. We will confirm receipt of your details and send further application guidance.
  9. You can download the Erasmus+ (Erasmus Plus) KA1 (Key Action 1) 'Mobility of Staff' application forms from your national agency, listed here.The next deadline is 23 February 2023 at 12:00 (midday Brussels time)
  10. In your application you should apply for a grant for Course Fees, Organisational Support (pedagogical and intercultural support, daily monitoring, validation of learning outcomes, certification), Individual Support (accommodation, food, local transport) and International Travel to and from the course location.
  11. You should describe in your application how participation in the course will help develop your organisation and its staff, and how you will share the skills developed with other colleagues and the wider education community.
  12. If your project application has been successful your national agency will contact you.  You should then contact us to confirm your reserved places. 
  13. We provide organisational support in the form of pedagogical and intercultural preparation, daily monitoring and support of the participants during the mobility, validation of the learning outcomes, and certification, which is essential for a successful application.
  14. We provide accommodation, food and local transport as an all inclusive package.
  15. You will book your own transport from your home to the hotel (Flight/Train). DO NOT book before your grant application has been successful AND your place on the course has been confirmed.
  16. We will require you to transfer fees prior to arriving for the course.
  17. Before the start of the course you will receive the final course information, along with travel directions and your accommodation details.

If you have any questions regarding how to apply, please contact us.