eLearning for use in schools and museums

Digital Extra is a place for teachers and educators to explore a range of eLearning methods, applications and technologies to better prepare them for a rapidly changing workplace. The courses are open for teachers of all categories, teacher trainers, ICT staff and resource centre staff and museum educationalists.

Digital Extra aims to connect you with a new generation of digitally literate learners.

Basic eLearning and media skills will be developed and more advanced competencies in AR and VR based learning will be addressed.

The objective is to learn how to create state of the art eLearning content using the context of a visit to a museum or heritage site. The material created during the course will be shared collectively with your colleagues for immediate use within and outside the classroom.

The pedagogical method for the course is based upon the ideas from practical training courses with teachers that have successfully been transferred to the classroom. This scenario-based method has become a flexible way of addressing issues about eLearning, blended learning and digital literacy.

Teachers will learn to create elearning materials using readily available (mostly free) software and applications.

The topics, which are set in the context of a visit to a museum or heritage site, will be introduced by lectures, study trips and hands-on experience.

Learning Outcomes are focused on the understanding and use of:

  • Mobile learning using smart phones and tablets
  • Free software and apps
  • WebQuests
  • Podcasting and Screencasting
  • Virtual worlds using VR educational tools developed by Elderberry AB
  • Social networking
  • Accreditation and assessment
  • Digital rights management and copyright
  • Digital image processing
  • Barrier-free access for minority groups
  • Opening museums to schools – digital exhibitions for schools

The courses comply fully with the Erasmus+ (Erasmus Plus) European criteria for mobility grants. We provide full modules for preparation, monitoring and validation.

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Course dates

You can Apply Now for you and your colleagues to participate in these Digital Extra courses:

12-18 May 2024: Santorini, Greece
21-27 July 2024: Stockholm, Sweden
27 October - 02 November 2024: Santorini, Greece

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